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Commercial drones for agriculture

Since 2012, we have been specialized in developing agricultural plant protection drones.We have developed and produced single-rotor unmanned helicopter and multi-rotor intelligent suspended plant protection drone with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced technology. QF Free Eagle DP (18L) is one of our latest generation of highly configured drone series.

Its characteristics: easy to carry, especially suitable for precise spraying of pesticides in plots.

Basic parameters
Machine weight:43KG
Spraying area per battery:3.5 acres
Operation mode: Manual mode;AB point mode;Fully autonomous spraying mode
Suitable for spraying crops: Any plant
Working hours: 24 hours

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The Free Eagle DP electric drone is one of our main products, which has the characteristics of long endurance, high efficiency, easy operation, convenient maintenance, good anti-collision performance, high cost performance and has won the favor of all customers.

1、The Main Parameter:

The loading weight: 42KG                        Wheelbase:1724mm

Dimension: 2485mm*2255mm*850mm             Endurance Time:15min

Tank Volume:18L                          Spray Height:1-3m

Spray Width: 5.5-6.5m                       Spray flow:3-5L/min

Spraying efficiency: 11-15acres/hour

1、Updated flight control system , which makes the drone performance excellent:

(1)4 core CPU with excellent performance, so the DP drone has a strong “core”.

(2) Triple redundant IMU, double redundant barometer, in case single hardware breaks, the drone can still work.

(3) Dual shock absorber structure with better seismic resistance, which makes the drone cope with complex vibration environment, even if the frame ages, it will still work stably and reduce the maintenance cost.

2、RTK High Precision Location:RTK

  1. High positioning accuracy, which assuresflight safetyand accurate spraying. (X, Y and Z are all centimeter-level)
  2. Dual antenna guidancewith stable signal.
  3. The latest RTK technologywithoutbase stations, so it can be applied easily with lower cost.

3、The drone is equipped with auto obstacle avoidance radar which assures flight safety:

The DP drone is equipped with millimeter wave radar that has high sensitivity and long detection distance , it can identify obstacles beyond 20 meters, which assure the safe and reliable flight.

Also we equip the drone with FPV camera , you can see the situation around it clearly,that also assures flight safety.

4、The drone body is made of composite material specially for aviation(carbon fibre and aluminium alloy ), which makes the drone much lighter but much stronger and more durable

5、Foldable design, the drone is easy to transport.

6、Charger Power: 1000W

Smart charger with communication function, the voltage level is 180V-240V, can match with the voltage level of most countries in the world.

Smart lithium battery with the volume of 22000mAh, easy to operate and fix up. One battery can be used about 300 times.


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