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The new Quanfeng agricultural spraying T2000

The new Quanfeng agricultural spraying T2000

Since 2012, we have been specialized in developing agricultural plant protection drones.We have developed and produced single-rotor unmanned helicopter and multi-rotor intelligent suspended plant protection drone with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced technology. QF T2000 (26L) is one of our latest generation of highly configured drone series.

Its characteristics: easy to carry, especially suitable for precise spraying of pesticides in plots.

Basic parameters
Machine weight:68KG
Spraying area per 2.5 liters of gasoline:15-18 acres
Operation mode: Manual mode;AB point mode;Fully autonomous spraying mode
Suitable for spraying crops: Any plant
Working hours: 24 hours

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T2000 spraying helicopter is our company’s excellent work with five-year’s R&D. It has the advantages of long endurance, high efficiency and easy maintenance ,etc. It is a powerful tool for your plant protection work .

It is easy to operate because of many advanced functions with it, such as autonomous flight, break point return , obstacle avoidance , etc.

The Main Parameter:

Main Parameter
Item Index
Dimensions(L*W*H) 220*62*72cm
Net weight 36kg
Max Take-off weight 68kg
Payload 26kg
Fuel Tank Volume 2.5L
The Diameter Of Main Propeller 250cm
The Diameter Of Back Propeller 47cm
The Material Of Main Propeller Carbon Fiber
The Material Of Drone Body Aluminium alloy
The Temperature For Application -20℃-40℃
Durable Time ≥60 min
Plant Protection Parameter
Item Index
The Length Of Spraying Rod 140cm
The Spraying Height(above crop) 1-3m
The Nozzle Number 6PCS
The Spraying Flow rate 3.0-4.5L/min
The Agrochemical Tank Volume 26L
Spraying Width 8m
Spraying efficiency 15 hectare/hour
Power System
Item Index
The Engine Type Two cylinder two stroke gasoline engine
Engine displacement 170cc
Fuel Gasoline engine oil mixture (50:1)
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Starting Mode Electric Starting
Fuel Consumption ≤4L/hour
Control System
Item Parameter
Remote Controller Channel 14 channels
The Control Distance Of the  Controller 2000m
Flight Control Mode Autonomous/Manual
Positioning Mode GPS/RTK
The Height-control Radar Millimeter wave radar


It is made up of five main modules(power system, flight control system, spraying system, etc,),if there is some problem with one certain module,, we just need to offer maintenance to the it. So the maintenance is easy.

The power system, we manufacture the helicopter engine by our own plant. So we can offer spare parts for our partner on time.

The agriculture chemical tank can be removed and assembled easily and quickly to improve the total spraying efficiency.

The flight control system, there are manual mode and automatic mode for choice.

The structured design of the main parts, which can simplify the maintenance process.


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