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Crop spraying drone

Since 2012, we have been specialized in developing agricultural plant protection drones.We have developed and produced single-rotor unmanned helicopter and multi-rotor intelligent suspended plant protection drone with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced technology. QF Free Eagle ZP (10L) is one of our latest generation of highly configured drone series.

Its characteristics: small and flexible, easy to carry, especially suitable for precise spraying of pesticides in small plots.

Basic parameters
Machine weight:27KG
Spraying area per battery:1Hectare
Operation mode: Manual mode;AB point mode;Fully autonomous spraying mode
Suitable for spraying crops: Any plant
Working hours: 24 hours

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For an area of 1 hectare (100m*100m), the knapsack sprayer takes 160min, the ride tractor sprayer takes 60min, and the agricultural drone QF Free Eagle ZP(10L) takes 10-15min.

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